Time and time again young founders have demonstrated value. They’re committed, in touch with trends and creating some of the world’s most dynamic companies. Many of the most successful startups of the past 20 years – think Google, Facebook or Snapchat – were founded by university students. On our own shores inspiring young entrepreneurs like Jamie Beaton and Sam Morgan have redefined industries and created immense value for investors. 

Yet too often investors fail to find and recognise these companies and entrepreneurs. Without networks and pipelines, fledgling companies are beyond reach to the average investor. On top of that, most investors don’t have the time to conduct due diligence and dig for the hidden gems, particularly when young founders don’t have existing relationships. Investors miss out on opportunities, and young founders struggle to pursue their companies.


With our fund, we find and mentor a pipeline of young founders, complete due diligence to find the highest potential ones, and then invest and support those founders alongside key co-investors. Since 2015 we have raised over $500k from 30+ professional investors, which we are currently deploying across founders under 30. You can view some of our investments on our portfolio page. 


If you’re interested in investing in the next generation of NZ success stories, please reach out via our contact page, or find our direct contact addressed in the fund deck below.