Guy Horrocks & Student Innovation

If you need proof that successful start-ups are being conceived in New Zealand universities, look no further than Guy Horrocks.

In his final year at university, where he studied Law and Commerce, Guy co-founded a company that analyses blood splatters from crime scenes. He and his friends managed to sell their university start up for capital to propel two more start ups; Polar Bear Farm which invented the world’s first iPhone apps and Carnival Labs, which specialises in mobile marketing.

Currently based in New York, the Kiwi expat is creating mobile apps for clients such as DreamWorks, Pepsi and Time Warner. Achieving such enormous success at a young age would not be possible had he not taken risks early on. A great reason to dip your toes into the start-up ecosystem by entering the University Start Up Challenge

–Xindi Zhang is a 5th year student at the University of Auckland.